Curation & Art Production with artist Yoon Lee for Faena Bazaar


Oyster Fantasies was a temporary iteration of a highly refined process that artist Yoon Lee has been perfecting around the world for the past decade. A breathtaking cascade of pure white orbs - strung like an infinite pearl necklace - was composed of nearly 70,000 individually hand- strung ping pong balls for the debut of the Faena Bazaar.

Resembling an urban fungus or exotic underwater coral, the shimmering mass took root within a soaring courtyard at the Rem Koolhaas-designed Faena Bazaar and lived throughout the week of Art Basel Miami Beach.

Oyster Fantasies brought an ambient energy that was architectural, surreal, luxurious - and completely at home within the fantasy ecosystem of the Faena District. 

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Client: Faena Arts | Location: Miami Beach | Team: We Came In Peace | Photos: Tato Gomez, Rodrigo Gaya, Gato Suaya