Creative Direction, Arts+Cultural Program Lead

Each May, 2,000 imaginative and curious FORM participants flock to the Arizona desert eco city of Arcosanti - a place where architecture & the environment connect in a way that’s unlike anything else on Earth. FORM reimagines what a festival can be - no overlapping sets, no VIP sections, just 3 days of immersive art, architecture, wellness, and intimate performances for an active and engaged community - all backdropped by Arcosanti’s otherworldly architecture & landscape. 




Creative Direction and Scenic Design

An industrial warehouse on the Brooklyn waterfront became a lush and dreamy secret garden, the spatial manifestation of Florence and The Machine’s High as Hope album…from decay, comes growth.


local natives, violet gardens, elysian park

Creative Direction and Scenic Design

Local Natives debuted their album Violet Street for their closest friends, family and fans amidst a violet-hued temporal world atop Elysian Park - a nostalgic place referenced throughout the album.



Creative Direction and Scenic Design

Each song off Ariana’s Sweetener album was conceived as an art installation. Guests journeyed from song to song, experiencing each thematic moment in an experiential journey through the entire album.


MAGGIE ROGERS, heard it in a past life

Creative Direction and Scenic Design

A private garden party and intimate concert at the most magical house in Los Angeles for the debut of Maggie Rogers Heard it in a Past Life album.


the artist garden, a backstage oasis

Creative Direction and Scenic Design

A small slice of urban parkland was transformed overnight into a forest of native succulents and trees. This hidden oasis at FYF became a hotspot where artists could relax and unwind throughout the fest. 



Creative Direction, Interior Design

Persephone’s is an installation for art lovers, an inspiration for magic seekers, a destination for plant people. This nomadic plant shop that explores our connection to nature through artistic collaborations, botanical assemblages, and sculptural objects inspired by the elusive Queen of the Underworld, Persephone.



Artistic Director

Kim collaborated with the city of Detroit to implement an ArtPlace America Placemaking grant, with the goal of making Detroit’s once-bustling Avenue of Fashion a popular destination again. In order to grow the story of this vibrant community, Kim activated vacant shops with engaging public art, memorable environments, and rich participatory programming. She selected artists, local and international, to work with entrepreneurs to build out each of their spaces, while developing a rich, participatory program of events for the Avenue’s debut during the Detroit Design Festival. 

Portals to the Past

Scenic Design for the Windows at 45 Rock


Archival RCA radios and Rainbow Room relics came out to play, transforming into sculptural, surrealist totems in the windows of 45 Rock.


oyster fantasies

Curation & Art Production with artist Yoon Lee for Faena Bazaar

Oyster Fantasies was a temporary iteration of a highly refined process that artist Yoon Lee has been perfecting around the world for the past decade. A breathtaking cascade of pure white orbs - strung like an infinite pearl necklace - was composed of nearly 70,000 individually hand- strung ping pong balls for the debut of the Faena Bazaar.

download (6).jpeg


Concept Design & Interior Decoration

In collaboration with design studio Reunion Goods and Services and art curator Kyle DeWoody, Kim and her team transformed the ground floor and social spaces of the bustling Manhattan Hotel Eventi into a contemporary collector’s library, brimming with playful curiosities, objets d’art, rare books, art commissions and obscure botanical specimens. Reunion’s graphic identity system seamlessly connected the hotel, lobby bar, and the adjoining restaurant - L’Amico, by Laurent Tourondel - with interior architecture spearheaded by studio Crème. The collaboration resulted in a complete repositioning of all spaces, bringing a dynamic energy to the hotel and all of its public areas.


the rock

Interior Design & Decoration

The construction of the Associated Press building in 1938 expanded the bounds of the Rockefeller Center complex from radio-only, into the vast world of media communication. Isamu Noguchi's only stainless steel sculpture, News, is located above the building's entrance -the work depicts the various forms of communications used by journalists in the 1930s. This social lounge is designed to foster communication and connection between Rockefeller Center’s current and future tenants.



Interior Design & Decoration

“The Ultimate Bachelor Pad,” a two-bedroom Hollywood pied-a-terre complete with oversized terrace, million-dollar views of the Capitol Records building, and a lifetime supply of cinematic sunsets.